The image of Las Vegas as cool, hip, fun, and fashionable can virtually single-handedly be traced to Frank Sinatra who started his long-term love affair with Las Vegas when he signed onto the Sands in 1953. He brought his Hollywood associates, international followers, and conjured, almost like a genie found in the surrounding desert sands, the enduring Rat Pack that turned the image of laid-back, charismatic class. The shadow of warfare spurred romance, for some, as young couples from across the nation rushed to the altar to marry earlier than being drafted throughout World War II. In 1942, 1.8 million weddings occurred round the U.S., with 20,000 of these weddings going down in Clark County, a 145 percent increase over the earlier 12 months. In the 1930s, Nevada relaxed marriage legal guidelines making it the best state within the nation to get married.