Similar to other prescribed medications, there is the potential for dependence and withdrawal with products that have THC. Medicinal cannabis merchandise ought to always be taken by a professional medical skilled. The paperwork linked below may be utilized by Australian medical practitioners to help inform their decision-making about affected person remedy choices with medicinal cannabis merchandise. The Authorised Prescriber Scheme and the SAS B are the place cannabis based medicines are accessed. SAS B is the most typical methodology of prescription, although the Authorised Prescriber Scheme may additionally be used. The latter allows a health care provider to prescribe a particular product to a selected group of sufferers, somewhat than an individual affected person.

It is vital that the pharmacy has a clear line of communication with the patient and prescriber. During the first weeks of therapy, a dose titration must be communicated to the affected person. The cannabis plant has tons of of bioactive molecules that are uncharacterised.

If the accredited treatments have not worked, your doctor should only prescribe it. These chemicals exist in nature and are copied in hashish merchandise. These lab-made products are called synthetic (man-made) cannabinoids. Depending on the kind of hashish product used, the unwanted effects can differ.

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