Homeopathic Treatments for Pimples

A study by Karger found that patients with severe acne vulgaris may benefit from using homeopathic medications as a stand-alone therapy. Personalized homeopathic therapy was associated with a remission rate of above 80%, according to the case series. Long after the therapy was stopped, it continued to be effective and had no notable negative effects.

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For acne, homeopathy is a very secure and all-natural remedy. For skin issues, homeopathic remedies are incredibly mild and successful in treating acne. Instead than masking the acne, these medications address the underlying source of the skin illness.

These homeopathic remedies are recommended following a comprehensive and detailed examination of the symptoms. A homeopathic specialist may provide the following list of homeopathic medicines for acne as a natural acne treatment:

1. sulfur: for pimples that itch

Patients with itchy, persistent acne and unhealthily-looking skin are recommended to use sulfur. Heat-aggravated acne that flares up sometimes on the forehead and back is relieved by sulfur.

2. Kali Bromatum: for shoulder, chest, and facial acne

This cure is quite effective for curing acne on the shoulders, chest, and face. In cases when blue red acne leaves unsightly scars, kali bromatum is also administered.

3. Natrum mur and Antimonium crudum — for cheek acne

Antimonium Crudum promotes a speedy recovery when acne is accompanied by warmth in the cheeks. The acne might be pustular, widespread, or covered with yellow scabs. Another complaint is a burning feeling. When it comes to greasy cheeks with irritating acne, natrum mur works best.

4. For pustular acne, Hepar Sulph and Calcarea Sulphurica

When pus or bloodstained pus protrudes from acne, Hepar Sulph may be helpful. These zits might be excruciatingly uncomfortable. The areas where pustular acne leaks yellow-colored pus are best treated with calecarea sulfururica.

5. Silicea — for forehead acne

The herb silicea helps pimples on the forehead heal quickly. If you have pustular acne, it works much better. Along with acne on the face, particularly on the forehead, palms, and soles, excessive perspiration may also be observed.

6. Berberis Aquifolium: help remove scars from acne

One of the main treatments for acne that creates scars is Berberis Aquifolium. This homeopathic remedy works incredibly well in removing acne scars.

7. Bovista Lycoperdon: used to treat acne exacerbated by makeup

The most important treatment for acne that appears or becomes worse while using makeup products is Bovista Lycoperdon. Acne and cheek swelling may be observed together.

8. Nux Vomica: for acne along with stomach issues

Nux Vomica is effective in treating acne in conjunction with gastritis. The primary cause of the stomach issues is persistent indigestion or constipation. There’s a chance that the acne will burn and itch.

9. Pulsatilla Nigricans: a remedy for female acne

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a recommended treatment for acne in women, particularly in those experiencing any type of irregular menstruation or in young girls going through adolescence. This homeopathic medication will also work wonders for acne that has gotten worse because of eating fatty foods.

10. Psorinum: for acne of all kinds

Psorinum works well for acne in those with oily skin, where the excessive sebum secreted by hyperactive sebaceous glands leaves the skin looking greasy all the time. It is applied to skin conditions that get worse after eating meat, chocolate, sweets, or fatty foods. Additionally, it relieves unbearably uncomfortable acne that worsens in the winter.

The preceding list of homeopathic medicines is only intended to help you realize that there are several homeopathic treatments available for various forms of acne. After taking into account the underlying causes and contributing variables of your acne, homeopathic experts take a thorough case history and provide a personalized homeopathic therapy for your acne. Individual differences will also affect the homeopathic medicine’s efficacy and dose. Thus, kindly refrain from using self-medication. To find the right medication to cure your acne and regulate your entire system, always speak with a qualified homeopathic practitioner.

To determine the current severity of your skin problems, we also strongly advise you to do the skin evaluation exam.