The National Institute of Housing and Urbanism, or INVU, offers the best way to live in Costa Rica while reserving the highest price for a fun experience. Without guarantors or profit statistics, INVU reimburses your economic savings and lends you the remaining amount, with an annual fee of seven percent. It is not necessary to have a company order or to be registered with the Treasury in order to use the INVU Plans. INVU gives you peace of mind and the full backing of the Costa Rican government if you uphold your factor.

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How do art plans at INVU operate?

It’s as simple as opening a financial savings account (agreement) where you specify the maximum amount of financing you want to get and that you want to save aside 25 to 35 percent of your monthly income as a down payment for your own residence. This financial savings should be applied to your own home’s top rate over the course of three, four, five, seven, or ten years. You can start long-term to identify your peak beauty financial savings, and after a year and a half, you can move to a three-year plan. In order to raise your credit score, we detain you for eighteen months, manage any unmet financial obligations, and retain you for an additional eighteen months.

We will recognize you for a maximum of 24 months if you have been offered more than two years of financial savings with us in a long-term plan. As a result, you may benefit your credit score rating by switching to the 4–12 months plan.

invu plan esmaduros allows anybody with a valid identification and the desire to save money to have access to a household device by eliminating the requirement for evidence of income or authorization to enter.

Use of INVU Savings Contracts for

Acquisition of a lot and advent at a competitive price of 155 million

Extension of housing up to 45 million

Lot acquisition As many as sixty-seven million

Building on a single lot for up to 88 million

Buying a new or used home As many as 146 million

Mortgage cancellation (Depending on the purpose).

The highest utility quantities can reach 155 million and increase by an additional 45 million.

It is permissible to build apartments and rental homes, and the ongoing payment of the constant hobby price established by the INVU. Your credit score may already be made if you have the amount and time required by the Institute. Under the current daily-day-day-day INVU Savings and Loan Regulations, savings are non-attachable.

The excellent advantage of beginning to hold the highest quality for your long-term operation and then agreeing on them, consistent with our possibilities, is a fantastic chance to fulfill your dream of owning a property. Put it out of your mind and focus on owning your house instead.

With INVU, your project may be completed in phases. We break up the project into smaller contracts and start with the longer sea plan, which is a ten-year plan. This might result in significant financial savings and debt settlement. You can purchase your property and convert a portion of your contracts to a three- to twelve-month plan after a year and a half. Then, using all of the unique provisions in your contracts, you may swap plans and buy the house. Then, using the remaining portions of your contracts, you can swap plans and continuing buying houses.

We are a great option with INVU if you’re looking to rent apartments or houses since we can finance big or minor tasks in accordance with your options. You can also choose to remain outside of the United States and retain your contracts so that a relative can invest them on your behalf (a jail specialist with particular knowledge). Could you consider developing rental apartments or homes, giving them a brighter future and a fixed price? without needing to present proof of income or earnings? And you might want to make sure you have all the contracts you require.